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The public health epidemic of being fat
in America



I'm sorry but I see more and more people in America becoming fat. Not only entire white families but also immigrants families from other countries, including Mayan people from Mexico, San Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Los Angeles, for example, is a social proof of very fat young students and old Latino workers everywhere I go. It's a socio-economic phenomenon after the poverty these immigrants faced before arriving to the United States. Their offspring will face a worse discrimination than Blacks in America in ten more years or so and there's no getting around it.

You could be nice and sensitive by calling them 'big frames' or 'heavy bones' but the hurting truth is not a lie. They are not simply overweight, they are more than that, they are obese people looking depressed in the streets and advertising their unhapiness in life while McDonald's and other similar fast foods chains supersize their portions generously. It's not uncommon to see them asking for permission to fit in an elevator, in the comfort/stress food's shopping market aisle, taking two seats in an airplane or boarding in a overcrowded Metro bus puffing & panting, making his way through the crowd causing untold discomfort to the other passengers.

And if you add a skin disorder, a baldy head, body odor, dirty greasy hair, and a puffy face you are plain fat and ugly according to American standards. I should probably feel sorry for this type of humans but they don't need compassion, they need help, lots of help to change their lifestyles now.

What really gets me is fat parents with cute kids that do not educate their children and promote good eating habits at the table. For them, a healthy family in the neighborhood is about ordering pizza every night or going to a fast food restaurant because they don't have the energy to cook healthy food.

The kids complain because the only love and affection coming from their parents is about comforting them with high-calorie frozen food romancing the microwave oven. Let's face it. They don't care about their kids because they believe their chubby children should also be fat, ugly and stupid.

Gluttony is a sin of self-indulgence and fatness as a human habit which, has nothing to do with unusual height, above- or below-average intelligence or genetic traits. (Lord Pakal Ahau).