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Shuttle Lost: Columbia and its seven astronauts

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Columbia Shuttle CrewAs I continue to witness the development of events around the prophetic glyphs framing Lord Pakal's Lid, the 18th glyph corresponds to the initiation of year 2003 and will end in 2006. This has been explained in another article published last year, including the Prophecy of Death and Reincarnation of Lord Pakal.

Even though this blurred glyph is a difficult one to decipher, there are hints in its design that any Mayanist amateur could have pointed to disclose the meaning of humankind events on Earth as we approach 2012.

The central theme of this glyph is its centered "S" shape covering the rectangular area and surrounded by clouds with an interesting star in the center of the glyph and the "S" shape.

18th Glyph 2003-2006As we know now, the "S" shape means a point of return around an orbit, in this case, the Columbia shuttle making its re-entry to planet Earth. The blue clouds are obviously water formations (there are no clouds in space) around the "S" shape, but the lower clouds drawn in red appear to erase the end of the "S" shape, meaning an unsuccessful point of return.

Interesting enough, the star in the center of the glyph is about a space destination that probably corresponds with the mission of the Columbia shuttle (read NASA to go nuclear at BBC) to the future of star travel and human migration to Mars.. The star is usually the Venus observance on February 7 according to the Mayan calendar, or Friday as the seventh day which is Venus' day or the seven tripulants in the ship. A great mathematical Mayan prophecy!

If something in general terms can be said of this glyph covering the period 2003-2006, I see a reorganization of ideas and social structures in this planet. An Earth dream vision. A shift from geocentric thinking to a cosmic awareness of the connected Universe that Mayans taught to their children. We will never reach a higher level of organization by thinking future history belongs to the human race. Our future is a living cosmology of planets, stars and galaxies with its existing alien entities. The Universal laws of chaos and order teach to humanity a powerful lesson of our future in this planet: that man is creation-centered not the opposite. That's what I think Lord Pakal and his Mayan priests inscribed in this very important glyph.

Besides my observations, we will have to wait until 2006 to see the ending of this prophetic glyph. Until then, may Peace prevail on Earth.