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How Mayan Priests discovered Regeneration of Life



"My dear sir, that is just where you are wrong. That is just where the whole world has gone wrong. We are always getting away from the present movement. Our mental existences, which are immaterial and have no dimensions, are passing along the Time-Dimension with a uniform velocity from the cradle to the grave. Just as we should travel down if we began our existence fifty miles above the earth's surface." (H.G. Wells).

In ancient times, the process of Initiation for Mayan priests culminated with experience of simultaneous time. The individual is plunged into the sphere of oneness of time, the experience of which is rendered possible by breaking the 'barriers of the Universe' that impede our perception of this unity of time.

It can be said the young Mayan priests went through a region of initiation which brings this enlightment, the fundamental piece for the acquisition of the consciousness of immortality.

The fact is that 24 hours for the Earth is indeed equivalent to 1 year of the Sun or, let us say, the experience of revolution of the Earth is attuned to the Solar Star in this way. The Sun is the measure of time for the System and each planet adjusts its rotation upon its axis according to the relationship with the Sun. The Sun is in fact the ticking mechanism.

As a matter of fact, we can say that the Sun is our heart-beat, and the perfection of organic life is found when it adjusts itself to this great Heart. Truth is unveiled when the Earth has found its harmony with the Sun, physical and subtle, which occurs when in each individual the barriers of time are broken and the experience of simultaneous time is achieved.

The same measure of a watch and the Solar Heart beat can be carried to other aspects of life, namely to the mechanics of breath which are the means of keeping apace or in rhythm with the Sun. So, one Sun year is equivalent to four signs of the Precession, or 8640 Earth years.

In terms of the regeneration of the human organism through the mechanics of breath, the same relation exists. The individual takes an average of 18 breaths per minute, or at a rate of 3.5 seconds per breath. Therefore, in 24 hours he would have taken 25,920 breaths. In terms of respiration in 24 hours he would complete one round of the Great Mayan Cycle and experienced the 12 solar dimensions of the astral zodiac.

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In terms of degrees, the 3.5 become 3 degrees and 20 minutes. Three days then is the period of regeneration (3 x 25,920 = 77,760 or 1 Great Circle), and it is said that three days after the crucifixion the Christ resurrected and also Pakal ascended from Xibalba.

All these figures are based on the sphere of perfection, the circle of 360 degrees, and this perfection, when translated into Earth time, becomes not 360 days, but 365 days, the extra five being the imperfection of the Earth's orbit, so to speak. The reason why Mayans considered these 5 days as time for meditation and reorganization.

This is the process of regeneration of organic life. We invite you to enter in the Pakal Meditation Chamber and explore the mechanics of breath. The ring above the sphere of perfection is mathematically adjusted with frames that resemble the average human breath of 18 breaths per minute. Inhale as the ring goes up and then, exhale when the ring descends. Try first for one minute, and build up your lung capacity as you become acquainted with the rhythm of the sphere and ring. Fix your eyes in the image of the Milky Way (the Mayan Tree of Life) to experience contractions and expansions of your lung and body as the Sun does it through the 12 solar dimensions. The audio of the presentation is performed with a maraca in a shamanic manner so you can attune your heart beat to the sound. In the breathing mechanism, you can try two types: through your lips or through your nostrils. Explore both. Dim the lights of the computer room or turn them off. Enjoy it!

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