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The Mayans had good riddles. Perhaps, one of the most famous ones is the Lid of the Tomb of Pakal. On the stone lid weighing 5 tons. Pakal is reclining on the mask of the sun god, the mask part skeletal so as to mark the transition from life to death, and together they are consumed by the open jaws of the earth.

It clearly depicts Pakal falling in death into the open jaws of the underworld, along the axis mundi, and the cross-shaped tree of life that supports the heavens, which are represented by the two-headed serpent and the celestial bird. Pakal dies and immediately ascends to heaven converted into the Maize God.

However, we know that the Mayan priests would not allow to see their resurrected God because Pakal's soul would take time to emerge from the underworld again. And, that's what happened in 1952 when French archaeologist Albert Ruz Lhuillier (later he acquired Mexican citizenship), family also of Cuban leader, Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz , discovered the tomb in June 1952 completing the Mayan prophecy. The Ruz family has been a member of the Masonic (Hermetic) Order of Chilam Balam and the Nine Degrees as Benito Juarez and other political leaders are too ( later some of the leaders became part of the influential Rotary Club, Mexico City.)

The Order was probably created by archaeologist John Lloyd Stephens and supported by English scholar Sir Eric S. Thompson, product of an Edwardian background, as he was one of the oldest members. Thompson's credit was to devise the visionary road by accepting the prophetic plans of a secret society of Mayans, the Sh'Tol Brotherhood of Merida. Later, Swiss anthropologist Rafael Girard compiled the first archives becoming the first Director of the Order and publishing metaphysical books as well as scholarly publications in journals. Very few personalities are allowed in the circle but every new President of Mexico is invited to join the Order. (Click here to read the history of the Order of Chilam Balam).

The resurrection occurred on August 22, 1952 at 12pm, sun at zenith, when the colossal stone was moved to uncover Pakal's mummy. At that time, a male baby was born as the Solar Shield as we will see in 2012, at the end of the celebration of the Mayan Cycle and the last Pakal will be 60 years old. He's considered the twentieth reincarnation of the Pakals (Hanab Ahau was the fourth), and he will become the Supreme Spiritual Elder of the Mayans. His mission, as the Solar Shield, is to witness the End of the Great Mayan Cycle of 26,000 years and enter to Xibalba, the Kingdom of Death, with the rest of humankind. At birth, the amniotic sack and placenta membranes covering the baby were placed in iced containers and it is jealously kept for scientific research. The baby was transferred to Leningrad National Institute of Pediatrics for medical observation and research of paranormal activities surrounding his delivery. At six years old, the child was presented to the 33rd degree Grand Master of South America, Dr Andres Acosta. At 12 years old, the new Pakal received the Mayan circumcision to initiate him in the manhood circle as the New Warrior King and to commemorate with his spilled blood the memories of his Mayan ancestors. At 27, he was moved by the Pakalian Group to the US to become an ecotopian and fulfill the Mayan Prophecy at the end of 4 Ahau Katun. Thus, the new Lord Pakal, conceived as Plan Tzakol B by the Order of Chilam Balam, the first son of a British Masonic paternal line that corresponds to the true Davidic clan and an ancient maternal Mayan royal line named as the Mother Lamb of God by Mayan tribes fulfills the Great Mayan Prophecy of Chilam Balam. (From the archives of the Pakalian Group of Mexico).



Let's explain now in some detail the Pakal's Lid as the Clock of Time at the End of the Mayan Cycle. Mayans created timeclocks for every natural aspect of life, so it's no surprise that Pakal's death and reincarnation was also designed as a timewatch to commemorate the Year 2012.

The geometry of cords among Mayan architects was very popular as Linda Schele explained how architects and designers used yute ropes to create symmetry and beauty while carving the stones. The lid of the sarcophagus was designed in a series of quadrants with nine glyphs on each lateral side and a narrative at the top and bottom. Just imagine a center with at least 20 cords (see image above) on top of the sarcophagus held by nails to lay out the design diagram.

According to the tradition of the Order of Chilam Balam and the Nine Degrees, each cord is a section that corresponds to a 3-yr period (one degree of the Order) starting at the time the tomb was discovered in 1952 and ending precisely in 2012. Prophetic mathematical astronomy in action. It is also assumed that each glyph represents a remarkable moment of our civilization between 1952 and 2012. I will elaborate in the years ahead about the true meaning of these glyphs to confirm representative facts of humanity for each glyph.



To inspire you about the true representation of the glyphs in relation to Mayan time, one of the carved glyphs predicted with accuracy Princess Diana's death on August 31, 1997. As a matter of fact, there is a white paper written with the prediction by Lord Pakal. That section of the lid (top section) corresponds to a very important period, 1997-2000, and represents the death of a female god related to Venus leaving a sacred strand of DNA in her dynasty. Her death caused a tremendous commotion and public sorrow all over the planet and has perpetuated Princess Diana's memories. This prediction was published in a website written by Lord Pakal Ahau with the last revision in January 10, 1998 and the URL address
The website no longer exists.

Are each one of the glyphs on the Lid related to the death or extinction of something very relevant to humanity to bring awareness? Sure, they are as we'll see in future articles explained by myself and the actual priests-members of the Order of Chilam Balam and its Nine Degrees.

"I'm not trying to tell you what to be
Oh no, oh no, not me
But if mankind is to survive
The people left alive
They're gonna have to build this world anew
And it's going to have to start with me and you.

Just think of all the poverty, the hatred and the lies
And imagine the destruction of all that you despise
Slowly from the ashes the phoenix will arise
In a brave new world."

(Lord Pakal Ahau)



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