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Burying a free website




Google has decided to bury this web site after five long years on the Internet. That's fine because I'm not in the business of selling things through Google or in any other search engines. This website is for educating people who want to learn, compare, analyze modern mythology and apply critical thinking. Things that are becoming obsolete in the material world of Internet and "Google's freedom of expression" among many things. It doesn't matter. This web site will always be found because that's the trade mark of smart web sites. People will link more to us because we're creative, original, with new thinking information. We don't belong in cattle herds in the repetitive mass media of Google.


Well, there are simple reasons why your web site is being buried by a company such as Google worth $25b in the latest digital market research:

1. Your site is a free web site like this one full of pop-ups. Although not Google's fault, advertising is not paid to Google through its 'adsense' program. There're other reasons. One of them is that a person who has never got acquainted with the US Constitution of equal laws (all men are equal as well as websites), usually grew under a foreign oppresible government, works for Google and decides your 'freedom of expression' is not acceptable. To top it off, they're called US citizens even though they don't have idea why they and their parents came to America. They're happy to have a minimum $60K salary, eat sushi, and drive the latest SUV to the Big Sur in Northern California.

2. Your website theme is not registered by Google's 'logic words' algorithm. Suddenly, Google as the search engine leader has decided that our "American Diversity" language should match their new language. If your language is colonial, obsolete, too wordy, full of slangs, out-of-space, trivial, or doesn't follow the English grammar style guide as taught to foreigners in English as a Second Language schools, Google will vanish your website. I guess it's time to write in Spanish. Sorry, folks, my efforts were not good enough for Google.

3. As an elite group, Google, as well as Microsoft and others that you probably know, belongs to the dreadful world of capitalism, not democracy. No money, no honey! In USA, money works and buy whatever you want. It buys your own faith, your own precious love, your own rules, and sometimes your own proper death. Google is not an exception in the competition. It will make your website appears intelligent although it sucks because you support host companies that are Google affiliates. Just buy some Google Adsense and enjoy being a member of the elite. Don't forget to give yourself a British nobiliary title although your dog is a mutt!

Rev. Note (05/18/04): How interesting after writing this article, the web site appeared suddenly back again in Google after one week. It figures out what they decided and how its decision analysis works.

Lord Pakal
(No more monkey business to support Google hits)

"And they come to Jerusalem: and Jesus went into the temple, and began to cast out them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves."
(Mark 11;15)