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The Powerful Observation of their Mathematical Minds

Mayan manual computations



" I teach mathematics and numbers so you can see how the money
you earn daily is used to please your financial Gods, not your life." (Lord Pakal)



There are many websites in the Internet with a thorough research of the Mayas, including archaeology, architecture, art, and social development. However, this is not the purpose of this section. This section is concerned about the mathematical development that the Mayans created based on the symbolism of Nature. You have, for example, 10 fingers and 10 toes, that makes 20 digits and still you wonder why God created us that way.

The awesome and powerful observation of the Mayas and their mathematical development lie on this fact as they created a vigesimal system separating the digits in groups of five. Just as your body is created they position beans (with a value of 1) and sticks (with a value of 5) on the "estera" (mat), the symbol of Mayan power.


Today, we have checkbooks, portable calculators, and powerful computers and still, the average people do not know how much money they will receive when they pay with a $20 bill in the store. I don't even want to comment on how they manage their bank accounts. If this society would be concerned with teaching how to be better traders and business people, the world would have less poverty. But, that's not the case. For in our society, you are seen as a taxable consumer unit with an 8-hr job, not as a trader of services able to accumulate wealth. The Mayans didn't think like that and it's no surprise that you build your life from paycheck to paycheck until society considers you are disposable at the age of 50. Then, what? I leave you to answer the final question.

In my old website, you'll find a collection of articles about mathematical operations from simple to advanced subjects. There is also a discussion of the symbolism of the Maya numbers. In the near future, I will publish the rest of the mathematical operations, including multiplication, division and square and triple root operations. I think it's amazing that scientists and archaeologists still think that the Mayans only use two operations (addition and subtraction) when their towns were built with an accurate knowledge of engineering calculations that surpasses the cultural progress of civilizations that came after them.


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