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Notes from the Editor


The old Mayas had a saying that every world was a transcript of a former world, and the same persons reappeared and played once more the same part they had played in each successive cycle. This website was created with that goal in mind. The ancient Mayas also said that, at the end of every 26,000 years, the beds of the oceans are displaced, and a semi-universal deluge takes place. Their priests of the sanctuaries kept in strict secrecy any notions of how long such a catastrophe might last, and all about its details.


They called the period the Great Cycle and, to our fortune or misfortune, we'll see the 26,000-yr Great Cycle ending on December 2012. These traditions seem to have come from the sky-towers of the ancient Babylonians who said that ancient Babylon was founded by giants who escaped the Deluge. These giants were great astrologers who had received from their ancestors secret learning, which they imparted to the high priests of Babylon, along with all records that dated the Great Catastrophe.


These ancient predictions, by the way, are no more fantastic than the statements made by Princeton University Observatory, in February 1939. Their scientists said our earth will grow hotter as the sun grows colder. Earth is warmed up by one degree each 100,000,000 years. Eventually, the climate and temperature at the equator of the earth will be like a blast from an open furnace door, and a mass migration of humanity will start out for the poles while huge floods and uncontainable wildfires emerge. Today, the theory has proven correct as the new statement from scientists from the National Academy of Sciences warn about the most dangerous threat to this planet: the Global Warming.


The visitor to this website has thus a sketch of the final act in one of our old Earth's most appalling dramas, which formed my mental background when I stepped on at the top of the Temple of the Inscriptions, on King Pakal (or Lord Pacal's) tomb in Palenque. For, in this, reconstruction of a prehistoric world, it is useless to bury one's self in European, or even American libraries and university schools or museums, wherein Mesoamerican life and proto-history are subjects as remote as if they were happening in the planet Mars, away beyond the ken of radio and mobile phones. The dogmatic arrogance of so many modern archaeologists is due for a severe shaking; for they, like some of our modern medical scientists, are apt to forget what real scientists and inventors well know: that the bounds of knowledge are often advance not by professionals or savants in learned societies and associations, but by the less dogmatic and generally undistinguished amateur and lay and modest humble investigator.


An authentic Mexican horse (Aztec Race) was a dream until recently and thanks to the careful genetic planning of the Association Mexicana de Criadores de Caballos de Raza Azteca is now a beautiful reality. The Aztec horse has discipline, beauty, temper, strength and speed. The history of this biological achievement also marks the Mayan prophecy of the coming of the spiritual energy of a God-King as told in the Mayan Book of Trials. ("Father, they are with me, they came with me.")

In the new Mexican mythology, the last Pakal chooses a Greek symbol: the horse or rather a centaur. Pakal is identified as half-man and half-horse based on the discovery of Chiron, the comet/asteroid in 1977, and becomes a witness at the end of the Great Mayan Cycle in the constelation of Saggitarius in 2012. Pakal, whose mythological father is Saturn (Chronos or Iuracrunu), proves his immortality after many reincarnations to the Gods of Eternity leaving the final message from the white stones to the children of humankind: the Iuracrunu Codex in the year 2012. That there will be scientists who will understand the language of Zuyua with the mathematical formulas of our universal philosophy.

In the new modern Mexican mythology, Chiron influences Pakal as a great healer, astrologer and oracle. Chiron rules crystals and healing and is the teacher of heroes to help them discover their destiny. The Chiron mythology on death is particularly fascinating. Chiron gave himself willingly so that the fire could be released from the Underworld (Mayan Xibalba) by Prometheus (Mictlantecutli). This was done so that humankind would learn to use power in the right way. In the process of obtaining the divine fire, Chiron and the last Pakal have to die. The teacher/healer takes a poisoned arrow and drops it on his foot, poisoning himself to prevent science from reproducing the last Pakal's genetics. This cup of poison was the very one that the teacher had given to the student. Chiron (or Pakal) gives his life for the greater good of humanity. Chiron was a teacher who taught healing by means of clearing and bravery and then letting go without fear when the time came. That's the last Pakal: the wounded healer that offers the awareness that those lessons are necessary, meaningful and worthwhile—what you could truly call "spiritual cosmic awareness."

"There can only be ONE. One God. One natural machine created on the pure Self and Spirit of the Universe. No man-made machine can re-create the anthem of the stars and evolution of the Eternal's power. A few shall see what none yet understands; for man shall not know the coming until its hour and belief shall be not until the work is done." (Lord Pakal).

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