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This section directs your browser to the work of people I like on the Web. They can be friends of Pakal Ahau, Mexico, the Mayans or related to a personal philosophy, business or entertainment about the environment.

"The democratic side of the Internet provides an opportunity to express your own ideas, creativity and inspiration. On the contrast, the elitist part is about the use of Internet high-speed technology that bottom-level users do not have access for economic reasons. Of course, the system is always designed to prevent the intrusion of people without buying power."
(Pakal Ahau).


Web Site
The Poetry of Humberto Ak'abal A small compendium of literature and interviews of the most important Mayan Quiche writer of Guatemala
Environmental Gift and Learning Store A nice store with environmental promotion merchandise to protect the environment and a visual media tour through Palenque, Bonampak and Yaxchilan.
Dioses del México antiguo Excellent exhibition of the Mesoamerican cosmovision sponsored by UNAM
Cartes du Ciel A must freeware program for any amateur astronomer written by Patrick Chevally to draw sky charts according to data of stars and nebulae. Simply the best of Internet!
Sacbe La Ruta Maya A great presentation of the Mayan Universe and its legacy to the modern world. In Spanish sponsored by the Instituto Politecnico Nacional.
The Genesis of Eden A visionary and scientific encyclopedia written by my web friend Chris King.
Ecotopia Design strategy for a new millennium
Mayan Sacred Texts A complete collection of Mayan sacred texts commonly known as the Popol Vuh. Very comprehensive site with many references.
New Civilization Network Linking people who change the world
The Venus Project Alternative vision for a sustainable culture
2012: Dire Gnosis Collection of great links for the year 2012
The Matrimandir The Temple of the Divine Mother in India
The Mysterious World of Mummies A media-rich interactive journey to discover how the dead are living
The Burden of Time
Educational freeware Mayan Calculator without profit purposes. Get your birthday stelae date thanks to Mr. Finley.
WWW Virtual Library
A great collection of Archaeology and related materials reviewed by Anthrotech.
Ancient Mexico
The art, culture and history of ancient Mesoamerica. For students and teachers.
Templo Mayor Museum
The site museum provides information about excavations by the Templo Mayor Project
Becoming Human
Paleoanthropology, Evolution and Human Origins - A Journey of Human Evolution
A game's player guide to reality
Archaeology Store
A friendly store with merchandise related to Archaeology, Anthropology and History.