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The Sun is my strength and my shield forever.




Flash Intro (199 Kb)

Here, deep inside my heart
you're still living
and in every verb that you say
in your time
I'm feeling you.

Here, deep inside my heart
there's a room for you too,
and whenever you want to open it
it's yours without words.

Here, deep inside my heart
there exists a beautiful melody,
a tree growing,
a hummingbird singing,
and its trinity song says
without you I'm dying.

Here, deep inside my heart
there's a humble melody
long time ago,
waiting sadly for you
to listen to my words.

Without you, I'm death.
With you, I'm life and resurrection.
Deep, deep inside my foolish heart.

Notes from the Editor: In the image above, the portrait of Lord Pakal Ahau is a real work of art painted by his Irish-Shoshone friend, Mr. Byron McCallum, in Los Angeles in 1985, as a gift for Lord Pakal’s 33rd birthday. It is entitled “Birthday Resurrection.” As an interesting comment, when the image was photographed in high resolution from the original portrait and converted to a vectorized image, three strange things were unveiled in the final processing image. The first one was an angel shape in the forehead of Lord Pakal Ahau. The second one was an indigenous face in the left-side of the image background that resembles a Mayan king, and more probably King Hanab Pakal since Lord Pakal is considered the true reincarnation of our beloved King. The third one has not been decoded but it is a reverse signature name in an ancient language, and still waiting to be deciphered completely and validated by linguistic experts. However, if you look the image through a mirror a name appears but we reserve our comments waiting for a more valid confirmation.