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Thanks for visiting my website. In this section you'll find current environmental activities and regional examples of important ecological issues. You'll also discover active links to valuable webpages. Each link contains innovative web exercises designed for active learning using some of the vast resources of the Internet. Ultimately, the aim of this website is to foster attitudes of stewardship and environmental citizenship like Mayas did. Mayans were water sorcerors and they prayed for rain to the God Chac to live a better life. Their magic and rituals were based in the care for the community of life and the recognition of interdependence and intrinsic value of all beings.

Web Exercise
Things to Do
Human Development Index Evaluate the factors that make up this important measure of human welfare.
Exploring Environmental Ethics Are you a universalist, relativist, nihilist or utilitarian?
Assessing Net Primary Productivity Explore different biological communities.
Project Feeder Watch Excellent site where thousands of volunteers collect data on bird frequency and patterns.
Alien Invaders When weeds do good and bad things.
Oceanic Productivity Animated map of ocean chlorophyll levels.
Earth's Exponential Growth Understand how exponential growth is done in biological populations.
Green versus Golden States Compare economic status of US states with environmental ranking based on 40 factors.
The Natural Step
Learn an approach to organizational planning for sustainability.
Learning about Emergent Diseases
Compare world's diseases that occur closer to where you live.
Environmental Scorecard
View how your own Senator and congressional representatives voted on specific ecological issues.
Legislature Watch
Read current environmental issues of concern in the United States.
Endangered Species Coalition
Participate on how to stop the extinction of organisms on Earth.
Looking at Soils
View how climatic conditions help explain the distribution of soil types.
Agricultural Production
Select several farm products that are produced in your area.
Pesticides Used in Your State
View the chemicals used and the crops they are used on, in your state.
Pesticides from Natural Sources
Look at the active ingredients and health risks associated with them.
Integrated Pest Management
Review information organized by crop, pest, location, or tactics.
Invasive Species
Search for which regions of the country have the most problems with invasive species.
Zebra Mussel Invasion
Learn how zebra mussels first invade US waterways and how they spread by 1999.
Parks and Preserves in Australia
Is there anything like it near where you live?
Wetland Losses in the US
Explore tha habitat losses for wildlife, as well as a reduction of water storage capacity on land.
Our National Parks
Learn about current issues in our national parks and monuments.
Volcanoes in the US
See photos and elevations of the volcanoes. Don't forget to look at the Alaska map.
Climate Change in Glacier National Park
Watch historic and future changes in Glacier National Park from 1850 to 2100.
  More coming soon . . .