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A Multimedia Presentation
with Symbolic Messages


Mayan ScreensaverMayan cities were in a constant state of war with their structures dedicated to the Gods in heaven. The cities of Tikal and Calakmul are a classical example of the religion warfare that archaeologists have coined Mayan Star Wars and lasted hundreds of years.

Dos Pilas in particular is a prime example of a militaristic state whose violent history lasts no more than 130 years. Warrior kings tried by several means to maintain their rule in continuous combats with their neighbors. Today, this idea reminds the reader of a state of warfare between developed countries and developing countries engaging in a continuous warfare against unhappy global neighbors. As Dos Pilas dissappeared as a kingdom, that probably led the end of the Mayan collapse, the world faces a similar event based on an economy that is sustained with star war weapons and justified by their dynastic leaders in the name of the peace of the planet.

While this theater of galactic politics takes place in recent years, the children of the world learn that warfare is good for the country and promotes the kind of propaganda patriots the world needs, unfortunately. It creates the potential leaders of future Star Wars, vital for the success of warfare states ideologies.

Pakal's Mayan Store

What is forgotten in this scenario? Well, it is the the dual factor of nature vs. technology. For Mayan rulers, teaching nature to children was also important because new towns were created based on the availability of people, water, rain, and good soil. That is the theme of my presentation: a young Indian warrior praying to the Gods of Technology for rain in his rainforest temple as Mayans did to God Chac, the Rain God. On the other hand, it is unfortunate that George Lucas and Industrial Light Magic can steal the images of Tikal's temples and people think watching Lucas' blockbuster movies that anglo people have built and lived in these structures for centuries. Another unscrupulous representation of the Western world to appropriate convenient cultural resources from other ethnic groups without giving proper credits.

The music in the screensaver relates to a young indian boy of the fierce Kampa people and it is dedicated to all the little ones of all the races of the world. Teaching to children that the land in where they live needs water, birds and trees is not less important than serving your country in war times.

Hummingbird called me: look
White Moon arrived on time
The Beija-Mar gave me proof:
A very new star
In the luminescence of the forest
Strength that comes and renews

Humminngbird of love take me away
The way the wind took the leaf
My little Mother Sovereign
My Forest of jewels
You who sparkle on the beach

Hummingbird sent me away
To work and open my eyes

Water Star moistens me
All that loves and cries
Disappears around the bend of the river
Everything is inside and out
My Forest of jewels

It has water
It has water
It has all that immensity
It has the shade of the Forest
It has the light of the heart

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