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Walking through the Golden Path



To understand fully the implications in shifting from the quest for the Messiah to the quest for the Universal Being, it may prove valuable to look at several concepts on paradigm shifts in science. Among the various descriptions of a new paradigm, Pakal offers the following:

  • See nature in a new way (from a Green Earth to an Abandoned Earth)
  • A shift of vision (from self-made aristocrats and ruling classes to a hierachy of human awareness, the informed, the repeaters, the non-believers, and the rebellious)
  • A transformation of vision (from war on nature to war on greed)
  • A conversion (to admit that Jesus, Buddha and Allah are Time Witnesses and acquire a more convincing and rational theology of human pain)
  • A map or a director for making a map (solutions for new kinds of governments banning all forms of pseudo-democracies influenced by business and politics leading to human corruption and subtle interests)
  • A switch of visual gestalt (from original human sin to original human blessing )

Your mission in Life is to abolish appointed prophets, cosmic angels, glorious icons, oppressed believers, groomed princes, abusive and patronizing leaders. The time has come to destroy old ideas and those human rituals that are destroying Earth with their words about glory, splendor and eternal life. Earth is a dying world. And the time has come to search for a new living planet with a Universal Being: YOU!

Accept your human responsibility. That is the Tecoltl Way: the Golden Path of Human Memories.