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The World is about to collapse in the age of the Katun 2 Ahau

Since the Rio Earth Summit ten years ago, there has been more rhetoric than action in protecting the environment and natural resources upon which all of our lives depend. While waving the flag of "sustainable development' governments and corporations have continued largely with business as usual, pursuing a course of economic growth at any cost, with little respect for ecological limits. When action on some issue has been taken, it has been either because the environmental damage was so gross that governments could not hide, or because activist organizations have forced the change. It is extraordinary that in the 21st century gross environmental abuse still continues. Globally, we are conducting a war on the environment. We need to make peace with the planet, and with one another.

Meditate in the visuals I have included in this section. They are a sign of reflection of your world. Don't ignore what your planet will be in twenty years from now. You can't escape. It's time for personal action. I'm only a humble messenger of humanity.
(Pakal Ahau)

An Earth Summit in which leaders talk to businesses not to real people. Celebrations sponsored by big corporations to entertain themselves.
Litter art to remind us our lifestyle of disposable trash every day. 65,000 delegates attended the Summit in luxury hotels near poverty slums.
Meantime, children try to survive picking up valuable trash in landfills. State police treats environmental demonstrators as terrorists of the world.
Screaming loud for better conditions of living. One day, you'll be there too! Fighting for your family and children without a job or food.
The Summit generates 500 tons of paper. Only 20% is recycled. Artist creates ice penguins in protest of the melting of icebergs and climatic changes.
Trash scavengers in a world of misery. Our world economy is a pipeline of money for business and trash for the rest. There's no difference living in a shanty house or a brand new house when the big flood arrives. Ask the Germans and Chinese people.
Our Pakalian group promoting clean solar energy in Mexico. Clay statues simulating the total environmental ignorance of this planet.
Stavudine pills to fight the worst epidemic in Africa and China: AIDS. This is how most of us look inside. Dying slowly in a world of disease.
Corporations promote environmental terrorism, destroying natural resources. Blind as you are, you probably don't know where your trash ends.
Billions of dollars spent on missiles and war but 6 billion people on Earth are at danger due to environmental toxic conditions created by corporations. Laugh while you can because these children of the world will find you later in life and you'll pay for what you have done to them. It's the Law of Life.
"The global increase in extreme weather conditions shows very clearly that climate change is no longer a skeptical forecast, but bitter reality. This challenge demands decisive action. What is at stake is the natural sources of life, our children's future." Gerhard Schroeder, chancellor of Germany.
"Let us not be deceived, when looking at a clear blue sky, into thinking that all is well. All is not well." Kofi Annan, United Nations secretary-general.
"Humanity has a rendezvous with destiny,"
French President Jacques Chirac.